However,  there are still several species that we have not been able to prepare, or are not in a condition to cultivate due to feasibility (like barks which can take years and decades to attain maturity). For such species, high precedence is given to use sustainable collection methods and assure the quantities yield are within the plants' ability to regenerate.

What is organic? How you are benefited?

Consumption of inorganic products sooner or later affects immune, reproductive and nervous systems of humans. Hence, it is very important for people to consume singularly organically produced food products because they are free from such kind of adverse effects. Organic Food Products are devoid of artificial ingredients such as sweeteners, colorings, flavorings, MSG, hydrogenated fat, preservatives, etc.

Health studies have proven that consumption of organic food products is a sure-shot way to have a healthy life. People who consume organic food items experience improved dental health and are less prone to cold, cough, sports injuries, etc.

Animal welfare is an essential facet of making organic milk, poultry, meat and fish.  

Mono-cropping and excessive usage of chemical fertilizers are draining from soil its natural fertility.  Hence, organic farming practices such as organic manure and practices like crop-rotation assist soil in retrieving its fertility.

Conventional farmers have completely neglected the need of conserving a diversity of seed varieties and are into the process of utilizing genetically modified seed varieties. This is something completely wrong and should be avoided. We are with the farmers who adopt organic farming and  live the commitment of  maintaining environment safety. We produce Organic Rice, Sugar etc., adopting organic farming methods.

Choosing Us Is A Benefit, Why?

Approved Organic Inputs

Farmers are provided with training pertaining to the improved organic farming practices and are given knowledge of certified organic Agro-inputs which prevents pests and improves productivity.


Group of farmers are certified under Group Grower's Certification programs.
The farmers groups are certified organic under our Group Grower's Certification programs.


KOPL offers seed and materials of planting whenever need. It trains farmers in carrying out Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) to make quality-approved food products.


Crops are harvested taking into use clean and hygienic base materials. Sorting, washing and drying, all the harvesting functions are perfectly done by the team. Herbs are yielded and prepared following GACP guidelines.


Post-harvest processing, raw materials are shipped to processing facility for the purpose of cleaning,grading,  powdering etc.


Samples are tested by  accredited external laboratories to meet the quality expectations of the buyer. 


Beside organic farming, we also handle various conservation activities. We organize tree-planting programs on annual basis, where plant seedlings of endangered tree species and rare trees of rare areas are sowed. Water-harvesting initiative for the purpose of storing rainwater taking aids of local community are undertaken by us. 

Why Us?

  • Range:- We have made association with reliable farmers belongs to diverse environmental set ups. This enable us to provide different kind of products in the market. In diverse form such as powder, extracts, freeze dried materials, essential oils, slices, organic products are served by us. Customer-focused we are, we also make available if possible product of specific certification or processed form, as per customers need.
  • Facilities:- Prior to the delivery of the products, we test them on several parameters. We process Organic Rice, Sugar etc., under safe and hygienic conditions. All the products are underwent through stringent tests in accordance to the latest food quality guidelines & norms. Range is packed in GMP certified processing facility. For the purpose of steam-sterilization, drying, sieving, powdering and metal detection, we use modern equipment. Separate facilities are there to carry out diverse production and quality testing related operations. Some other kinds of processing like freeze-CO2 extraction and freeze-drying  are also carried out in certified facilities. We keep strong back up our tests in the form of documents and  offer clients with test results approved by accredited external laboratories. Oil content and moisture levels are checked in range.
  • Quality Assurance:- The farms we own for processing are certified. We hold certifications like NPOP, NOP (USA) & EEC (Europe).

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